I & Universe

So far, almost all space programs were led by goverment or military. And very little were initiated by amateur group like AMSAT. Individual fantasies were used and fostered by institutions. It's time to have a private connection between you and universe. Open Source satellite Initiative shows a way to do it.

Unpractical Technology

When space program is personally used, it might not be as useful as institutional ones. But that does not mean private space program is less important than institutional one. Realizing fantasy and dreaming of another fantasy is as valuable as practical and scientific missions and probably even more to some people.

Collaborative Fantasy

We haven't seen fantasies being relized these days. Probably this is because the era we live in. OSSI suggests make one and relize one. To realize OSSI project, helps from artists and passionate amateurs are needed. We've seen examples of collaborative intelligences and it's time to build fantasies together.

Very Kind Open Source ™

For effective knowledge sharing, OSSI strives for responsible and kind open source project to build satellite. Most of open source projects were good for collecting knowledge but hard to apply the knowledge to users right away. OSSI wants to show various possible situations to meet users' needs. Target audience is beginners but needs contributions from experts. And the experts should find ways to explain cocenpts in easy descriptive manner. This is very chanllenging subject, but OSSI will try hard to use drawings and metaphors to show entire satellite building process.