OSSI-1 Satellite Launch

OSSI-1 Satellite will  finally be launched on 19th Apri 2013 09:00 UTC Time in Baikonur, Kazakstan.
15:00 Baikonur Time
11:00 Paris Time
18:00 Seoul Time
02:00 L.A. Time



국민은행 822-21-0450-239 송호준
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Media Download

OSSI-1 Beacon 145.980MHz CW Morse Code 12 WPM
starts with “OS0 DE OSSI1 ANYOUNG”

Update 1:
OSSI-1 satellite is successfully separated from BION-M1 satellite
on 20:13 50 sec (Moscow Time) 19th April 2013

Update 2:
OSSI-1 TLE now available with the help of DK3WN

Update 3:
OSSI-1 Satellite is still not heard (24th Apr 2013).
Trying to figure out whether the TLE is correct.

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8 Responses to OSSI-1 Satellite Launch

  1. udolee says:


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  4. Tetsu says:

    Do OSSI-1 come out in about one minute intervals CW-Beacon?
    2013-4-21 12:38 UTC 145.980 K-K-K

  5. Tetsu(JA0CAW) says:

    I have WAV.

  6. Tetsu(JA0CAW) says:

    Do OSSI come out in about one minute intervals CW-Beacon?
    2013-4-21 12:40 UTC 145.980 CW-Beacon K-K-K

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