Matjaz Vidmar

Matjaz Vidmar
One of the greatest man that OSSI ever met.

He’s a scientist and a engineer lives in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. He developed communication modules for several big amateur satellites and currently works as a professor in Radiations and Optics laboratory, Ljublijana, Slovenia.

He contributed alot to amateur radio communities by publishing everything in journals, magazines, and via his website –

He’s been working on a new communication protocol called NBP for 15 years and working to release it soon along with all hardware designs. He showed a demo of having wireless internet by connecting his house to his university lab ( 100km distance) ¬†only using his DIYed instruments and softwares. OSSI will modify his 2.3GHz (13cm) communication transceiver and mount it on OSSI’s satellite.

Matjaz Vidmar is a true unsung hero and OSSI’s very lucky to know him.

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  1. shivanshu says:

    a real science man

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