Hello, this is OSSI. We've been trying to fund the project by selling Tshirts so far but we could only manage to sell about 200 as of Nov 2012. We're having some hard times. Why are we launching satellite?

We figured selling Tshirts are more difficult than lauching a satellite. And we just reallized producing 10,000 Tshirts will cost most than renting a launch vehicle for our satellite. So we try to use various ways to get donations from now on.


1. Just Donate

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Korea Only: 국민은행 822-21-0450-239 송호준



2. Or Buy OSSI T shirts! (No More T-Shirts!!!!)

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9811 T shirts = 1 Satellite

as of 04/23/2018

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*The profit of selling OSSI goods is used to build a satellite and rent a rocket.
**For distribution of OSSI goods, please contact us.