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Chemicals are used to build the satellite but to know why certain chemicals are used and to get chemicals that meets space standard are not that easy as not many builders opened their reasons and materials.

What kinds of chemicals are used?

  • Epoxy
  • Silicon
  • Solder Paste
  • Urethane based conformal coating material
  • Materials for anodizing

But the satellite builder prefer to use certain brands and certain mixed ratio materials.
And launch provider will ask what chemicals you use to build the satellite as some chemicals will harm near-by satellite or the launcher.

Where the chemicals are used?

  • Solar panel coating for better efficiency and to cope with atomic degradation
  • PCB conformal coating
  • Fixating components for high vibration
  • Aluminum chassis anodizing for cold welding or conductivity
  • Prevent Arcing in space
  • prevent any metal debris shorten the circuits

Space standard chemicals?

Solar Cell Coating

Coating is needed for highly efficient solar cell panel otherwise panel will be degraded from radiation throughout the time.
But the effectiveness of the coating has to be evaluated.

manufacturer model link used by
Nusil CV10-2500 CINEMA cubesat, UC Berkeley

50gram kit price around 900 USD in Korea (TAX, Shipping, and etc included)

Conformal Coating

For PCB conformal coating

manufacturer model link used by
Nusil CV1152 SwissCube

100gram price around 800 USD in Korea (TAX, Shipping, and etc included)

Conformal coating comparisons pdf file conformalcoating.pdf
5 types of Conformal coating Material

For some reason CV1152 turned its color from clear to yellowish. i think the reason is the fluorescent lights in my studio and i did not cover the glass with dark color. I do not know the changes in viscosity but it was still workable.

Fixation Epoxy

For fixating components and cables

manufacturer model link used by
3M Scotch-Weld EC-2216 Gray SwissCube, M-Cubed, Many Cubesats

Around 30 USD from

easy to work due to its thick viscosity.

Epoxy and Coating

  • Fix big component with Epoxy
  • Cover all PCB with Silicone based conformal material
  • Cautions with RF related components
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