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  • Designing a APRS tracker with GPS and Camera
  • AX.25 protocol
  • Transmit camera Image in 640 * 480 resolution.
  • As cheap as possible.

GPS Module

  • Select a GPS module tested over 50km which can go up to stratosphere.
  • Select a GPS module that can be purchased easily.

Camera Module

  • When JPEG format is used, we need to send a byte of a image with sequence header in multiple times to restore data better
  • When raw format is used, we send a byte with sequence header for restoration and will ignore lost pixel byte.


  • Balloon Radio: Yaesu VX-2
  • GS(Ground Station): Kenwood TM-D710A


link note APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) info tracker without using MX614 modem, nice one! based arduino TNC, working best so far(2011.12.21) TNC, good trial & error info including integration of BeRTOS TNC
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