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List of tested GPS for high altitude balloon

Name Info Ref. Tested By Note
UBX-G5010 MAX Altitude : 50000m Related Ref. Seems like not sale
uBlox Neo-6 Q MAX Altitude : 50000m Shop UKHAS
Board Information
Related Divice
(Software and Connection) - Doesn't need
uBlox LEA-5H MAX Altitude : 50000m Product Information Mentioned by Yariv(the User) in Reply of this
Arduino GPS Shield Module
ISM300F2-C5-V0004 MAX Altitude : 42000m Related Ref. UKHAS
Related Ref.
Trimble Copernicus 1MAX Altitude : 50000m Custom Boardtomgriffin329,sonali
in arduino forum
We tried but it needs too long time
for grabbing satellites
Related Spark Fun Forum
(Contains a NEO-5Q Ublox 5 GPS module)
MAX Altitude : 50000m Related Ref.UKHAS
Byonics GPS4MAX Altitude : 84000m Usage in Project(Beyond62) Beyond62
Shop and Information
Garmin 18 / Garmin 18xMax Altitude: 87ft. Note 9 at Related Refw0jrtUse Garmin 18 LVC or update firmware of Garmin 18x LVC model
uBlox LEA-6HMax Altitude: 50,000mBalloon Boy uBlox LEA-6H and Aerocomm RF Modem.Commercial Solution
uBLOX MAX-6QMax Altitude: purchase linkThe South Texas Balloon Launch Team

Extra References

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