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Open Source Satellite Initiative Wiki

Wiki on satellite launching as an individual

OSSI's been working on easy open source satellite platform since 2006.
Thanks to cubesat program, this almost comes true.


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Open source if NOT free. If you use the contents or the contents inspired you, you should specify the origin of the source and you also should open your material.
Please motivate us!



For 6 years of researching feasibilities of building and launching a satellite as an small group or as an individual person,
OSSI found it's still not easy to find and gather information from the internet we needed.

So by launching one satellite and go through all steps, OSSI wants to contributes to the world of imagination becoming reality.

  1. Testing a cubesat sized satellite that's build from 100% commercial components avaliable world wide.
  2. Publishing a satellite building / launching / operating manual for amateur radio operators and general public
  3. Modularize the satellite modules for re-usabilities and easy testings
  4. Building a open source platform for nano satellite

Launching a Satellite as an Individual

  • Build a Satellite
  • Rent a Rocket
  • Get Permissions
  • Launch
  • Operate

Understanding Satellite Systems

OSSI Satellite Systems

Components Selection

Writing Software

Go to Github as I'm too lazy to write down the rationales for now - > Github:

Satellite Assembly

  • Solar Panel
  • Battery Pack
  • Coax Cable
  • Structure
  • PCB
  • Soldering


Getting Permissions

Satellite Operation

Ground Station

High Altitude Balloon Testing

To Successful Private Satellite Program

Future Satellite Communication Research?

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