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IARU Frequency Coordination Request

To use amateur frequency band for the satellite, your satellite needs to benefit the amateur radio operators. Particularly,

  1. Satellite radio lincencee is an amateur radio operator: if you're a company or a governmental institution don't use amateur frequency band
  2. Non-profit: do not use your satellite for your own money making. If you want to, use other frequency band
  3. Open experimentations and open telemetry data format: so other people can also participate in your experiments
  4. Request for frequency coordination: you don't own whole amateur satellite band. If you pick one randomly it will harm other amateur satellites

How to request for IARU Frequency Coordination

  1. You MUST submit ITU API via your nation's or via favorable nation's administration: so we can avoid future international arguments
  2. Submit IARU frequency coordination request after ITU API submission

What has to be done to fill out frequency coordination request?

To fill out ITU API form and IARU coordination request, you need to fix (or at least i don't know 90% fix?) the below:

  1. Reserve LV(Launch Vehicle) and know when your satellite will go up: I know this is hard to know in advance if you not space or space-related people
  2. Fix TX / RX frequency band (doen't have to tell exact frequency): i.e. TX_1: 144MHz ~ 146 MHz / TX_2: 435 MHz ~ 438 MHz / RX_1: 435 MHz ~ 438 MHz
  3. Fix Telecommand(uplink) data format and Telemetry(downlink) data format: telemetry data should be open for participation
  4. Fix Other data format if you have: i.e. becaon or other experimentaion
  5. Fix satellite structure and antennae placement: then you know your antennae gains and radiation patterns
  6. Fix link budget: after you decide how your satellite will communicate, fix your link budget. When you do this you'll know most of the details to fill out the request
  7. Fix power budget: how much power will be consumed by your satellite.
  8. Almost fix functional diagram of your satellite: yeah, this means you fix almost everything before you submit any of these documents…
I know some steps might have to be done than the others. For example, you might have hard time reserving rockets for your satellite. 
Then goto step 2 first. 
Or ask someone what to do: your nation's AMSAT person if you have one or ask other nation's AMSAT person.


One advise for you: Plan Ahead!
Second advise for you: Just fix your link budget first before design other satellite modules. Then work request and modules in parallel! You don't want to ignore this..
Here is Why.
Your launch provider wants the very similar documents.
Your administration may want the very similar documents for space body registration.
IARU wants this.
ITU wants this.
Basically, without knowing your COMMS thoroughly, you cannot initiate conversation with others to find legal or appropriate steps for your launch.

Let's fill out IARU frequency coordination request

So let's go!

OSSI IARU frequency coordination request fill out example

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