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OSSI IARU Frequency Coordination Request Example

Administrative information:

0 Document control
0a Date submitted 13th Feb. 2012
0b Expected launch date 31st Aug. 2012
0c Document revision number rev 001
1 SPACECRAFT(published)
1a Name before launch GODsat
1b Proposed name after launch OSSI-1
1c Country of license South Korea
2a First (given) name Hojun
2b Last (family) name Song
2c Call sign DS1SBO
2d Postal address 121823
2e Telephone Number (including country code) +821052691628
2f E-mail address
2g Skype name (if available) studiohhjjj
2h Licensee's position in any organization referenced in item 3a. Director
2i List names and e-mail addresses of those who should receiver copies of correspondence.
3 ORGANIZATIONS(published) - complete this section for EACH participating organization
3a Name of organization Open Source Satellite Initiative
3b Physical address 421-36 basement, Mangwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
3d Telephone number (including country code) +821052691628
3e E-mail address
3f Web site URL
3g National Amateur Radio Society (including contact information) Korean Amateur Radio League, IARU liason: Yong-Surk Lee, HL1FB
3h Nation Amateur Satellite organization (including contact information) N/A in South Korea
3i Have you involved your National Amateur Satellite organisation and/or National Amateur Radio Society? Please, explain. The OSSI project is fully supported by KARL (Korean Amateur Radio League) to raise currently deem-downed amateur radio interests in South Korea. Also by closely working with the ministry of science, this satellite model will be used for future small satellite education for amateur radios and general publics

Space station information:

4 SPACE STATION(published)
4a Mission(s)
4b Planned duration of each part of the mission 1 year
4c Proposed space station transmitting frequency plan
4d Proposed space station receiving frequency plan
4e Physical structure
4f Functional Description
4g Power Budget
5 TELECOMMAND (NOT published)
5a Telecommand frequency plan
5b Positive space station transmitter control
5c Telecommand stations
5d Optional: Give the complete space station turn off procedure
6 Telemetry(published)
6a Telemetry frequencies
6b Telemetry formats and equations
6c Is the telemetry transmission format commonly used by radio amateurs?
7 Launch plans(published)
7a Launch agency TsSKB Progress, Samara, Russia
7b Launch location Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan (45.9 N, 63.3 E)
7c Planned orbit Inclination: 64.9 deg. / Period: 1 h 36 mins / Apogee: 575 km /Perigee: 290 km
7d List of other amateur satellites expected to share the same launch N/A

Earth station information:

8 Typical Earth Station - transmitting
8a Describe a typical Earth station used to transmit signals to the planned space station
8b Link power budget
9 Typical Earth station - receiving
9a Describe a typical Earth station to receive signals from the planned satellite
9b Link power budget

Additional information:



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