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ADACS = Attitude Determine Attitude Control System
Basically, ADACS module senses the satellite postion and rotate or move the satellite to target postion

Reference:Vincent Francois-Lavet (2010-05-31). "Attitude and Determination Control Systems for the OUFTI nanosatellites"
Reference:Attitude Determination of NCUBE satellite

Why we need ADACS for satellite?

  • To align the satellite antenna to earth ground station so we can communicate better
  • To align camera towards the earth to take a shot
  • To align solar panel to get maximum solar power
  • To lower down tumbling rate of the satellite esp. the satellite does not have propulsion system.

Attitude Determine How?


Measuring magnetic fileds to determine the direction vector

  • Honeywell HMC 2003 3-axes analog Magnetometer

Gyro Sensor

Can measure tumbling rate of the satellite

Attitude Control How?


  • Magnetorquer: a winding electromagnet
  • Reaction Wheel: a motorized wheel with weight


  • a permanent magnet to sync with earth magnetic filed and a permalloy to damp the oscillation of the satellite

Satellite Rotation

  • Satellite revolve the earth in counterclockwise direction
  • The earth rotates in counterclockwise direction

Watch the simulation in youtube:

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