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OSSI Electrical Power System Study

Solar Cell

OSSI uses TASC pv cell from
This solar cell has 27% efficiency (normal Si solar cell has 7% efficiency) and has space heritage.
Above all, this solar is one of the rare commercially available multi-junction solar cell.

TASC Cell Polarity: +: Bottom(whole bottom area) / -: Top(small tip section under -+- sign)

Other solar cells used for cubesat
Have not asked quotations for this, but many cubesats used this solar cell.

Cheap solar cell candidates

  • IXYS SolarMD Monocrystalline Solar Cell (22% efficiency with cover glass and PCB)

Solar Panel

Numerous configuration is possible when we make solar panel.
To know better, we need to understand 2 special diodes for solar panel configuration.

Bypass Diode

Blocking Diode



Many uses commercial Li-ion batteries. Some are using Li-polymer based type.

manufacturer model chemical 1 cell capacity operating voltage charging Temp. discharging Temp. size weight used by note
Panasonic NCR18650 Li-ion 2900mAh 3.6V ? tested at -10 ~ 60 C 18650 45g many cubesats some successful, some failed. main reason has to do with thermal insulation
Saft MP144350 Li-ion 2600mAh 3.75V -20~ 60 C -50 ~ 60 C 20mm * 60mm * 70mm 68g good temp characteristic
Saft MP176065 Li-ion 7000mAh 3.75V -20~ 60 C -50 ~ 60 C 14.5mm * 43mm *50 mm 148g good temp characteristic
LG ICR18650C1-28 Li-ion 2800 mAh
LG ICR18650D1-30 Li-ion 3000 mAh

Solar Cell Battery Charger

DC/DC buck/boost converter

Low Drop Out Linear Regulator

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