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OSSI On Board Computer

OBC Power Budget

  • MSP430F1611: 3.3V / 330uA I2C Slave ID: To be set
  • DS3231 RTC: 3.3V / 200uA I2C Slave ID: 1101000 (up to 1 RTC as the slave ID is fixed)
  • Reset Supervisor: 3.3V / 220nA (typ.)
  • FM24V02-G FRAM: 3.3V / 150uA (typ) I2C Slave ID: 1010xxx (up to 8 FRAM)
  • Gyro: 3.3V / 10 mA
  • TMP100: 3.3V / 50uA I2C Slave ID: 1001xxx (up to 8 Tmp sensor)
  • TLV2764/5 OpAmp: 3.3V / 80 uA
  • ADG 708/9 Mux
  • MAX4376 Current Sensor
  • PCA9548A 8 channel I2C Switch for I2C isolation ( i.e. when the power of a certain module is dead, I2C line should be isolated from the dead module to maintain rest of the I2C connections)

Max Current: 10.80022mA

Total Power: 3.3V * 10.72022mA = 35.640726 mW

Low Dropout Regulator for OBC → TPS77001 or TPS77033 (35mV drop / 50mA max LDO from Texas Instruments)

TPS77033 will give us (50-10.72022) mA margin

Also OBC will controll IRF540A for antenna deployment

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